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Chase Yamauchi

Chase Yamauchi is an entertainer and technology enthusiast. Chase has always had a goal to entertain people. In 2009, he decided that the next step was to create his YouTube channel; TheSuperNumnutz. Chase also found out that there was a totally different world that consisted of technology, and spent hours discovering more about it. Since then, Chase has worked to blend his love for technology with his desire to entertain people.

Is Story Mode Important?

With the recent release of Battlefield 4 and the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, there has been plenty of hype for the online modes in these games. But, where’s all the hype for the story mode? Although the multiplayer aspects of first-person shooters are very fun and exciting, the story mode also plays a role in how the video game is perceived. For example, by this time in…

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Super Mario 3D World: The Rise of the Wii U?

With the one year anniversary since the Wii U launch coming up in a few weeks, it’s time that Nintendo starts pushing out titles that will entice gamers into going the Nintendo route for this generation. One of these new titles include Super Mario 3D World. Announced during the Nintendo Direct @ E3 2013 Presentation, Super Mario 3D World is the newest installment in the 3D Mario series. You may be…

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