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Live on Kickstarter: Ultima Model S

  Year after year we have seen various different solutions to mount phones in cars. Some provide very good functionality, but more often than not miss the mark aesthetically. Not to long ago the ULTIMA car dock was born, leaving buyers with an attractive dock that served its purpose well. After such a strong success, ULTIMA is back and better than ever with the all new Ultima Model S. The…

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Breathe Right with the Roolen Breath

Heaters are running in homes once again as bitter colds send humidity plummeting down, leaving our skin feeling dry and itchy. A simple cure is an in-house humidifier. There was a time where humidifiers were nothing short of being a complete eyesore. Owners may even take special measures to conceal the unit just to continue receiving its benefits. Luckily, roolen came to the rescue and solved this issue with their…

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