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Live on Kickstarter: Ultima Model S


twin Ultima SYear after year we have seen various different solutions to mount phones in cars. Some provide very good functionality, but more often than not miss the mark aesthetically. Not to long ago the ULTIMA car dock was born, leaving buyers with an attractive dock that served its purpose well.

After such a strong success, ULTIMA is back and better than ever with the all new Ultima Model S. The design is mostly unchanged allowing for fast shipping to early backers, but also introduces functionality improvements to make this car dock one of the best in its class.

Like the original, Ultima Model S has a body is manufactured from high-quality aluminium and is coupled with a powerful, user-replaceable suction cup for a solid connection to your vehicles windshield. The new grip pad is capable of securing almost any device with a flat or
slightly curved back and leaves no residue when removed. If the grip surface gets dirty, simply wash it off to regain full gripping capability.

ULTIMA has taken great strides to improve an already great product by making changes that are needed, but keeping what works well.

If you are interested in a stylish, functional car dock for almost any device head over to NKMOS.COM and be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for the Ultima Model S.

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