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Breathe Right with the Roolen Breath

Heaters are running in homes once again as bitter colds send humidity plummeting down, leaving our skin feeling dry and itchy.

A simple cure is an in-house humidifier. There was a time where humidifiers were nothing short of being a complete eyesore. Owners may even take special measures to conceal the unit just to continue receiving its benefits.

Luckily, roolen came to the rescue and solved this issue with their Breath Ultrasonic Humidifier. The Breath meets the certainly succeeds as a solution that is both functional and stylish.

Breath is equipped with a sensor that detects the overall humidity and functions with the unit’s auto-mode to keep the room at the perfect humidity. This reduces overall run time and water consumption making Breath’s impact on your electric and water bill minimal.

For those with different humidity needs, the roolen has programmed different operating modes for multiple situations. Breath is controlled by a single button on the rear of the unit which allows the unit to run on low-mode for continuous moisture, high-mode for extremely dry rooms, and the auto-mode that are distinguished with the single led light on the front.

The engineers at roolen have taken great care to get the most out of the small size of their product. The body of the Breath doubles as the water tank which holds an impressive 3.15 Liters, allowing for over 24 hours of operation on auto-mode. The Breath’s one-touch operation and large water capacity make it a true fill-it-and-forget-it humidifier.

Using auto-mode allows the unit to determine the optimal humidity level, leaving opportunities for sleep-mode when additional humidity is not required. This prevents unnecessary energy uses and extends water-fill intervals.

The roolen Breath was designed to be simple, smart, and elegant. The Breath allows for easy use without oversimplification and unnecessary functions. It serves one purpose and it’s designed to serve it well.

The roolen team has developed a product composed of some of the highest quality materials available. The body of the Breath looks elegant and feels sturdy and well made. The attention to detail is spot on from the packaging to the product itself.

For those looking for a stylish humidifier that’s easy to get up and running, the roolen Breath is one of the best choices available.

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