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Review – The Last Of Us: Left Behind

DLC can be something people stay clear of when it comes to video games. Occasionally some might purchase a Call of Duty map pack, but often be left disappointed, and feel they haven’t gotten good value for money. When news broke that Naughty Dog were releasing single player DLC however, this was exciting, as they are developers known for delivering quality story modes. Thankfully, a purchase of “Left Behind” won’t…

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The Last Of Us: Single Player DLC

Naughty Dog has finally announced some details about their first ever single-player DLC. ‘The Last Of Us – Left Behind’ sees Ashley Johnson reprise her role as Ellie from ‘The Last Of Us’, and is set before the events of the original game. You play as Ellie throughout ‘Left Behind’, while she is attending a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone, prior to meeting Joel. She is joined…

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