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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts


Have you found yourself waiting until the last minute, yet you still have to get one last stocking stuffer for a certain someone? If you’re in this situation, feel free to look at this list to find some things you can get for a techie/nerd/geek in your life.

**NOTE*** This list was supposed to be issued a week ago, yet I did something wrong in publishing.  Even though some of the things may not be useful gift ideas, many of the following can still be found in stores.

1) Headphones!  Everyone is always in need of a nice pair of new headphones. You can easily head over to your local Target and pick up a pair of Skullcandy earbuds, or you can pick up the Apple Earpods at your local Apple Store. Either way, I can promise that a nice new pair of headphones will come in handy, even if not immediately.


2) Gift cards!  Sometimes finding a gift for somebody can be a real hassle, just because you never know what to consider. Whether it’s for that someone that has everything or someone with too many interests, gift cards can never fail you.  Luckily they’re widely available and YOU get to pick the price! If you can’t make it out to the store, feel free to get an Amazon gift code online.  It works the same as a card you would buy in the store, yet there isn’t a physical copy to purchase.  Some nice ideas would be a MasterCard gift card, Target,  iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam (if they’re a gamer), or just some cash.


 3) A Geeky or science toy. While not always the least expensive, these presents can be the most practical and remembered.  There are surprisingly a lot of different items that can fit under this category, and some may even be readily available nearby.  I suggest looking at a local Hobby Lobby store, FYE, or even Barnes & Noble, as many of those stores near me can sell cool geeky knick knacks. Some I can recommend that are online include: ferrofluid displays, the iBall 4, and memory wire springs.  These  items I have seen and played with and can say with confidence that they make perfect gifts.  My favorite ferrofluid displays come from a company called CZ Ferro.  This company creates fantastic products that are sure to last years. Ferrofluid displays are glass bottles filled with a magnetic liquid and a suspension liquid.  When introduced to a magnet, the liquid spikes in ridiculous ways.  I can’t describe it in full detail, so I would suggest heading on over to their website to see the numerous types of displays they offer.  Next: The iBall4. I bought a family member of mine the iBall 3 last year, and it was a huge hit.  This years’  iteration, labeled the iBall 4, is even greater.  This spherical electronic puzzle is capable of playing 3 different modes that are sure to force your mind to think about the process at hand (oh, did I mention there was a time factor?) I have spent many hours fiddling with this toy and can safely say that it will stay fun no matter how many times you beat its games.  Another note: the creator of the puzzle has a cash prize for whoever can beat his record by a set date. Who doesn’t want some cash? Finally, the memory wire springs.  Memory wire, or nitinol, holds a certain set shape and can revert back to this shape when exposed to different factors. One company makes springs out of this wire that can change shape by the heat of your hand.  This is a cheap alternative that will be sure to turn some heads.( I bought mine from this site). This spring can be used as a nice conversational piece or just something to fiddle with when you’re bored. Some other honorable mentions are: the rattleback, the infamous drinking bird, the balance bird, and astronaut ice cream.


4) A Chromecast. Google’s Chromecast is a $35 product that can be used to stream movies, music, and YouTube videos from your phone or tablet to your TV.  This is a fantastic gift that can be useful to anyone that loves watching day long marathons of Breaking Bad in their free time. No? Just me?  Anyhow, this HDMI peripheral is compatible with any TV with an open HDMI port and can display streamed data from any relatively new iOS or Android device (and your computer via Chrome.) Head on over to Google’s page for more information.

5) Accessories. Everyone needs them! For their phone, tablet, or even computer, there’s ALWAYS accessories.  It’s as simple as doing a Google search of *product name here* accessories. You can find anything from cases to 15 foot charging cables. The other awesome thing is that many devices have a range of accessories that come in an even wider range of prices. Tech accessories are quick fixes for a simple stocking stuffer.

And that’s it! Surely there’s other things that you could probably think of that would fit this list, and feel free to let your mind wander and find some other cool gift ideas! Whatever you get, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas or whatever other holiday you may celebrate.


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