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Cai Jones

I’m a procrastinating nerd, I guess? But, I am a life form evolved to live off movies, comics, video games and junk food. Sadly, I’ll never be a super hero. I pursue my passion of tech, design, and gaming by producing informational but most of all honest reviews on the web via the YouTube platform, and writing articles on various webistes. By no means am I not experienced, or uneducated about technology, gaming or design as each I have at least five years experience in each creative field, plus a undeniable passion for the products I write about/review!

Nuketown on GTA ONLINE?

   So, with Rockstar Games recently released the creation tools for Grand Theft Auto Online. This allows players to customize game modes, maps, and other features in the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V. It was only a matter of time before awesome creative players started getting really creative, and one cool mod that hit the Xbox 360 over the weekend was a recreation of the popular “Nuketown” map from Call of Duty: Black…

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Sennheiser HD201 Review

      I first of all bought these headphones for general listening after unacceptable hours of loud music. Good headphones were needed, and were achieved (Good, not Perfect). It’s apparent the HD 201 headphones are good, but not perfect! They’re very comfortable to wear, and the tough construction will last heavy handed people on a daily basis, like me. The Noise leakage on the HD 201 is at a minimum,…

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Canon PowerShot Sx50 HS Review

In the ever-increasing battle for the biggest, most super sonic, badass megazoom on the planet, Canon has fired its latest camera with thePower Shot. This digital camera is 50x optical zoom delivers the equivalent of 24-1200mm range from a 24mm wide-angle lens, and boasts several improvements over the PowerShot SX40 HS (the older brother model). But serious range isn’t all the SX50 HS offers. A refined 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor coupled with a…

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