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Karan Makhija

My name is Karan Makhija. I work at Future Shop Connect Pro Technician. (Futureshop is Best Buy’s child). I’m in the 11th grade and my main computer OS is prefered to be Windows 7 although my choice for a tablet is a iPad 4G with a iPhone 5S as my daily cellphone driver. I’m more knowledgeable about Microsoft but would love to take the time to go into OS X!

The Surface 2: is it that bad?

The Surface 2, released by Microsoft on October 22. 2013 In this article I’ll be referring towards the RT edition of the Surface. Although, everyone has mixed feelings about it, especially when it comes to the age groups. When it comes to the youth, it’s not “powerful” enough. It’s “specs”  aren’t good enough. While in my head all that I’m thinking is, what are you going to be doing on this TABLET? It’s a…

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