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Joshua Oliver

Josh is an 18 year old Senior currently attending high school. Since he was a child he has been a huge techie and gamer. He has also never written for a public blog but has always been complimented on his writing in essays and projects. He is currently a Windows user but he does want to experiment with other operating systems such as OS X or Linux.

PCSX2 Updated!

PCSX2, arguably the most popular software for PlayStation 2 emulation, was finally updated to version 1.2.0 (now 1.2.1). This update brings a multitude of of bug fixes and improved software, allowing it to take better advantage of the user’s PC. This will allow faster performance and a higher fps during game play. Most wouldn’t guess, but emulation is actually very taxing on a system. While systems like the NES or…

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Nintendo Planning A New Console Already?

The Wii U’s announcement at E3 2012 was undeniably a bit underwhelming. In fact, some people still don’t realize it’s not an add-on for the original Wii. This and a number of other reasons has caused Nintendo’s Wii U to not sell the way they wanted it to. With most people identifying the Wii U as a failure, it’s no surprise Nintendo would want to move on, and with new…

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My First iPhone: Which one do I choose?

For the longest time, I was a bit of an Android junkie. Then it came time to get a new phone, and something made my eyes wander toward the apple kiosk. Whether it was the clean display of the phones, or the modern, sleek table, I was drawn to it like a moth to my grandmother’s sweater collection. I picked up the 5s and started to play around with it.…

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