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Greg Northam

I’m an Xbox Live Ambassador and I write and produce content on I love just about anything Microsoft related and enjoy writing about their products and using them. Email me at

Xbox One Bootup Time

A while back I posted an article on here of a concept of what the Xbox One boot up time could be. Now we can finally see for ourselves and I recorded the exact time it takes. Remember that this is done under standby mode but that currently is the default setting for bootup.  

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Xbox One Boot Screen Concept

A video has shown up on YouTube of what seems to be the possible boot up time on Xbox One. Remember, this is just a concept and nothing says this is in fact the real thing. With the Xbox One having 8GB of RAM and running on a core of Windows, there has to be no doubt that this is the real deal as far as how fast the console could boot…

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Friends List App on Xbox One

Microsoft has released a video showing off how the friends list app works on Xbox One. This app does look a lot similar to how the Windows 8 UI operates because after all, Xbox One does run on a kernel of Windows. As you can see in the video, gamer pictures on Xbox One are in full 1080p HD and are very large. The users shown with smaller gamer pictures…

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