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My name is Ed. I am 23 years old.
I am initially from France and now live in Atlanta. I’m a freelance graphic designer and absolutely love what I do !
I pretty much breathe technology, communication, marketing, advertising, and design. I love every aspect it.
If a new product is announced, you can be certain I will gather every single piece of information I can about that product and share it with the world !

iOS 7.1 is out

Fellow iDevice users, you may be interested in knowing that Apple rolled out a software update earlier today to correct some bugs and enhance some visuals. Many people are expecting iOS 7.1 to fix minors issues they were experiencing with previous versions of iOS 7. Moreover, Apple changed a few visuals and added a new bouncing animation when the control center is being pulled up. They also added minor options…

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Oscar Mayer wants you to wake up to the smell of bacon!

Bacon lovers, your fantasy is reality. Oscar Meyer is releasing an app and a gadget to fill your bedroom with the smell of bacon. The gadget attaches to the headphone jack and works hand in hand with the app as an alarm clock. Unfortunately, the app is only for iOS. Android and Windows phone users are out of luck. Keep in mind that this little dongle is not for sale…

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