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Sam Farrar

Sam Farrar is a technology enthusiast, Apple Fan, and all around geek. Sam has been writing for a few tech and gaming websites for 2 years. While only 18, Sam knows quite a bit about the tech industry. His first Gaming console was the Nintendo 64, with a Gameboy Advance to follow after that. His current main gaming machine is the XBOX 360, with a PS3 as a close second. As of now his eyes are on the XBOX One, but the Steam Machine looks really cool. His first computer was an old E Machines desktop, handed down from his parents. (It only ran Windows 95 with 256 mb of RAM) Sam was first introduced to the Apple Brand when his cousins bought one of those translucent, teardrop shaped iMacs in the early 2000’s. (He played lots of Nascar: 2000 on that thing) Apple would weave in and out of his life with iPods and Macs here and there, but his real passion didn’t begin until his neighbor bought an iMac in 2009. His thought it was a stupid $1500 computer until he used it. There were many early YouTube collabs made on that computer. Ever since then, he has been a total Apple fan, finally able to convince his family to buy their first Mac at Christmas 2010. The family is slowly turning into a true Apple family, with 3 iPads, 4 iPhones, 2 Macs, an Airport, and many iPods. One of Sam’s many role models is Steve Jobs for his intensity and attention to detail. Sam is currently a student at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA, in their Applied Arts program. His goal right now is to go on from Community college and move on to an art school to get a bachelors degree in Digital Film or Graphic Design. Sam is now an Apple Employee at their Natick Retail Store as a Specialist.

PAX East Day 1&2 Recap

It’s edging close to the end of day two here at PAX, and boy, has it been nuts. Let me start by saying that this year is the 10th anniversary of PAX, so that’s cool, and the fourth PAX East, which is also really cool. With this being only the fourth PAX East, the attendance is obscene for a convention that young. This year, the number of attendees is inches…

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GearPop at PAX!

For those who don’t know, I am going to PAX East for GearPop this weekend, and my schedule is super full. My Friday is fully booked, and Saturday and Sunday, are about to fill up, once I respond to some emails. I’m super excited for this weekend, and wanted to remind you all that I’ll be there. I’m planning on making a montage video of the entire event, so if…

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Kinect Privacy Cover

The XBOX One comes out in a few days! With the new Always-On Kinect, some people are worried about privacy. Is Microsoft spying on me?!? Can they see everything that I do?!?

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