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Cameron Ryan

Cameron Ryan is a first class web developer. He is recognized by some of the top Technical Leaders today, and has been providing technology content to communities for the ages. On the side, Cameron Ryan is a sound engineer.

Google Places Patents For a Neck Tattoo

Google and Motorola are teaming up to tat you up. Google’s latest patent application is for an electromagnetic throat tattoo-like product that contains a power supply, a built in microphone and a wireless transceiver. This product can connect to a smartphone, smartwatch or Google Glass. Now you may think that it would be extremely painful to embed a microphone chip thingy into your throat (which in reality could be the…

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MetroPCS acquired by T-Mobile: The Facts

If you have not heard, T-Mobile USA has acquired MetroPCS Communications to form a Public telecommunications entity called “T-Mobile US”. This does not mean that MetroPCS is going to be disintegrated, MetroPCS will still operate but as a subsidiary of T-Mobile, and it will soon be an all-GSM carrier, with it’s former CDMA network slowly being killed out. Now what does this mean for MetroPCS customers? If you haven’t bought…

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Nexus 5, The Flagship Android?

Take a look at the Nexus 5 hands on video above from our friend Chris at LockerGnome. The Nexus 5 might just be the new crowned King of Androids. I think the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 have been fighting over a spot for a while that doesn’t belong to them! Last Thursday, Google released the Nexus 5, which comes souped up with the brand spankin’ new version of…

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