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I’m currently a Computer Science student from the UK, and am interested in technology, software, gaming, technical theatre and much more! To find out more, visit my website or my social links.

Infamous: London Event

Infamous: Second Son – London Preview

Last week I had the privilege of going to London to play an exclusive demo of Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4.  Attendees were also treated to a free bar, snacks, and access to the stage where the developers from Sucker Punch and actor Troy Baker were answering questions to a live stream. Your character, Deslin Rowe, replaces Cole MacGrath from the previous instalments in the franchise.  Like Cole,…

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Review – Titanfall Beta

Reviewing a beta of a video game might ordinarily seem quite premature, however the Titanfall beta is definitely an exception to this generalisation, many citing it as more of a game demo than beta. The main incentive for developers Respawn Entertainment for releasing this beta was to test the network strain on the servers that accommodate this ambitious multiplayer first-person-shooter.  That in itself is the most surprising outcome of this…

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Review – The Last Of Us: Left Behind

DLC can be something people stay clear of when it comes to video games. Occasionally some might purchase a Call of Duty map pack, but often be left disappointed, and feel they haven’t gotten good value for money. When news broke that Naughty Dog were releasing single player DLC however, this was exciting, as they are developers known for delivering quality story modes. Thankfully, a purchase of “Left Behind” won’t…

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Nintendo Direct: 02/13/2014

Nintendo recently broadcast a new Nintendo Direct presentation, where all the latest announcements were made. A new Super Smash Bros trailer was shown, introducing Little Mac as a new character.  Nintendo maintain a 2014 release for the game. Mario Golf World Tour introduced a new single player mode called Castle Club.  It is scheduled to release on 2nd May 2014. A number of collectibles were announced for Kirby Triple Deluxe,…

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Microsoft CEO

Microsoft Appoints New CEO

Satya Nadella has been announced as the next Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, taking over from Steve Ballmer.  Nadella was formally the executive vice president of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise group, leading the development of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world. Nadella said: “The opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must move faster, push harder and continue to transform”. Microsoft founder…

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Nintendo - Short Term Goals

Nintendo: Short Term Goals

Today Nintendo held a meeting for shareholders and investors to discuss how the company will address the current shortcomings of the Wii U, and what their future aims are. Below is a summary of the short-term goals that will help to overcome the current issues. Despite current reports, Nintendo do not hold a pessimistic view of the future of dedicated video game platforms. Therefore the integration of hardware and software…

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Why Nintendo Should Not Go Third Party

Why Nintendo Should Not Go 3rd Party

Since Nintendo fell well short of their financial targets recently, there has been a lot of debate as to whether Nintendo should consider moving out of the hardware business, and become a third party developer for the current generation of games consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Webush analyst Michael Patcher recently said on Twitter: “Nintendo software is still great, will continue to be. However, if software remains proprietary,…

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The Last Of Us: Single Player DLC

Naughty Dog has finally announced some details about their first ever single-player DLC. ‘The Last Of Us – Left Behind’ sees Ashley Johnson reprise her role as Ellie from ‘The Last Of Us’, and is set before the events of the original game. You play as Ellie throughout ‘Left Behind’, while she is attending a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone, prior to meeting Joel. She is joined…

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Zelda Reference Found In COD: Ghosts

A post on Reddit has revealed a Zelda reference within Call Of Duty: Ghosts – a trophy in the shape of a rupee, the currency used in all Zelda titles.  The inscription on the trophy reads “Awarded For Most Bushes Cut and Pots Smashed”. This has allegedly been found on the Wii U version of the game, and is currently unclear if other console versions of the game feature this…

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Battlefield 4: Next-Gen vs. Current-Gen

This video from IGN shows the visual differences between current and next generation consoles.  Two things in particular to look out for are the lighting and texture improvements in the next generation systems.  The video also gives insight as to how Xbox and PlayStation systems compare with each other. What do you think about the next generation improvements?  How does the PS4 compare to the Xbox One?  Let us know…

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