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Anthony Guidetti

For as long as he can remember, Anthony Guidetti has been fascinated with all things tech. The internet,computers, car tech, gadgets, cameras, phones, and the list goes on and on. Anthony started his fascination with tech when he was 1, when he always wanted to work the camera, or use the computer. By the age of five, Anthony had his own computer to play games, and just mess around with. As years went by, Anthony grew more tech knowledge and today knows more than the Geek Squad (Which isn’t hard).
Tech is not the only thing Anthony is fond of. He also likes videography, and television/movie production. At his middle school, he joined a club which produced the video morning announcements, and other video projects the school needed. He was granted the title of Editor in Chief, which looks over the video and controls the final outcome. At his High School, he took video classes that work in live video production and graphic design. He has won multiple awards for his graphic design work, including a T-Shirt contest and a scholarship. He also produces the live morning announcements working on the Broadcast Pix video switcher, audio board and in Final Cut.
Oh, and if you came here to find out how to pronounce his last name, it’s Jah-Dead-Eee.

Ubuntu 13.10: Slightly Updated but Solid Overall

I’ve used Ubuntu on and off since 2009 when I realized it made my netbook that was initially using Windows XP run way faster. Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, has since shifted their focus away from making a basic operating system that just works, to a modern operating system comparable in UI and function to Windows 8 and OSX. Since Ubuntu 11.04, Canonical replaced the well-loved but slightly outdated-in-design Gnome 2 shell in favor of the buggy…

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