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PAX East Day 1&2 Recap

It’s edging close to the end of day two here at PAX, and boy, has it been nuts. Let me start by saying that this year is the 10th anniversary of PAX, so that’s cool, and the fourth PAX East, which is also really cool. With this being only the fourth PAX East, the attendance is obscene for a convention that young. This year, the number of attendees is inches…

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PCSX2 Updated!

PCSX2, arguably the most popular software for PlayStation 2 emulation, was finally updated to version 1.2.0 (now 1.2.1). This update brings a multitude of of bug fixes and improved software, allowing it to take better advantage of the user’s PC. This will allow faster performance and a higher fps during game play. Most wouldn’t guess, but emulation is actually very taxing on a system. While systems like the NES or…

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Nintendo Planning A New Console Already?

The Wii U’s announcement at E3 2012 was undeniably a bit underwhelming. In fact, some people still don’t realize it’s not an add-on for the original Wii. This and a number of other reasons has caused Nintendo’s Wii U to not sell the way they wanted it to. With most people identifying the Wii U as a failure, it’s no surprise Nintendo would want to move on, and with new…

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