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Game OF The Year?

GTA V: Is It Guaranteed ‘Game Of The Year’?

Rockstar are enjoying a pretty successful launch this year. Grand Theft Auto V is not only the biggest entertainment launch of all time, but has already holding seven Guinness World Records. Many gamers are predicting that GTA V will be awarded the prestigious ‘Game of the Year’ title by websites like IGN, or the Golden Joystick awards, and for good reason. However, 2013 has been a massive year for console…

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Review (Windows/PS Vita)

I remember when this game was announced some time ago, me and all my friends were excited for this game, to the point to where we all got Windows 7 on our Macbook Pros. We knew that even though we barely knew any Japanese we weren’t going to let that hold us back, so as soon as we could get it in Japanese, we got it. This won’t entirely be…

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