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Twitch Streaming Coming to Xbox One

People looking forward to Titan Fall, or may not, have some exciting news as Twitch Streaming will be coming at the same time.  Xbox One users will be able to stream Titan Fall matches over Xbox One with the launch of Twitch Streaming.  It will bring with it a bunch of new and old features people from PS4 streaming may know.  Of course the Kinect will provide picture in picture…

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Review – Titanfall Beta

Reviewing a beta of a video game might ordinarily seem quite premature, however the Titanfall beta is definitely an exception to this generalisation, many citing it as more of a game demo than beta. The main incentive for developers Respawn Entertainment for releasing this beta was to test the network strain on the servers that accommodate this ambitious multiplayer first-person-shooter.  That in itself is the most surprising outcome of this…

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Nintendo Planning A New Console Already?

The Wii U’s announcement at E3 2012 was undeniably a bit underwhelming. In fact, some people still don’t realize it’s not an add-on for the original Wii. This and a number of other reasons has caused Nintendo’s Wii U to not sell the way they wanted it to. With most people identifying the Wii U as a failure, it’s no surprise Nintendo would want to move on, and with new…

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Battlefield 4: Next-Gen vs. Current-Gen

This video from IGN shows the visual differences between current and next generation consoles.  Two things in particular to look out for are the lighting and texture improvements in the next generation systems.  The video also gives insight as to how Xbox and PlayStation systems compare with each other. What do you think about the next generation improvements?  How does the PS4 compare to the Xbox One?  Let us know…

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