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Infamous: London Event

Infamous: Second Son – London Preview

Last week I had the privilege of going to London to play an exclusive demo of Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4.  Attendees were also treated to a free bar, snacks, and access to the stage where the developers from Sucker Punch and actor Troy Baker were answering questions to a live stream. Your character, Deslin Rowe, replaces Cole MacGrath from the previous instalments in the franchise.  Like Cole,…

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Battlefield 4: Next-Gen vs. Current-Gen

This video from IGN shows the visual differences between current and next generation consoles.  Two things in particular to look out for are the lighting and texture improvements in the next generation systems.  The video also gives insight as to how Xbox and PlayStation systems compare with each other. What do you think about the next generation improvements?  How does the PS4 compare to the Xbox One?  Let us know…

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40 Things You Didn’t Know About The PS4

Sony recently revealed an “Ultimate FAQ” page on their website, which is quite extensive.  Below are some of the key points condensed down, and ones you may not have known initially: Whilst the PS4 launches on the 15th November in North America, it won’t hit Europe until 29th November.  Japan has to wait until February 2014! The box includes an HDMI cable, the second console to do so after the…

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