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Our Mission

GearPop’s primary motivator is the sheer passion that is expressed within the technology community, as seen on a consistent basis. Technology never stops evolving, and neither does its users. We want to take that passion one step further by providing the community with tools that encourage them to interact with one another, all while enjoying a media-rich experience.

This experience begins with a community blog, a place where writers can post original content and receive feedback in return. Not only is this is an excellent platform for voicing your opinion on today’s hottest topics in technology, but it can also act as a great starter platform for those looking to jump into the blogging scene.

If writing isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’ll enjoy browsing through the collections in the GearPop Gallery. Here you’ll find a large variety of user-submitted photos of computer setups and high-resolution wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices. Who knows, perhaps your upload could be shared across GearPop’s several social networks.

Head on over to the Recommended Products page and check out hundreds of gadgets and resources that have carefully been chosen by not only us, but the community as well. This directory is constantly being updated with new products that apply to your interests. Oh, and the best part? Each and every product is usually discounted by a nice percentage — so be sure to check back often.

Community is the driving factor that makes GearPop possible, and that is why questions and feedback are extremely important to us. Never hesitate to contact us. We are available on a variety of social networks, always anticipating your participation. You can also email us directly at any time.

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GearPop Blog is a community-driven resource for sharing and publishing original content. Looking to get started in blogging? Click here to apply now!
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GearPop is all about community, so feedback is important to us. Never hesitate to contact us.